Skin Care Treatments

Our facials are therapeutic treatments tailored to meet your individual needs by targeting specific concerns and working to restore optimum skin health. Treatments are available to help :

  • Reduce blemishes, acne breakouts, oily blackheads

  • Rejuvenate your skin and keep it glowing and youthful

  • Relieve dry, red and sensitive skin. 

  • Brighten uneven skin tones from sun and chemical damage

  • Hydrate and tighten your skin for a natural youthful glow

Add-Ons Available

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion

  • High Frequency 

  • Microsonic Infusion

  • Ultrasonic (Penetrating Products
    & Exfoliations)

  • LED Facial Treatment

  • Facial Cupping 

  • Hot / Cold Hammer

  • Eye Treatment  

  • Neck & Decolletage Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent  or Microsonic Wand Infusion


Prior to your peel, 10-14 days of prep must be done daily may be needed. Lira Clinical products for home care and in services will allow for better treatment results and reduced the risk of complications. Delay any use of tretinoin, Retin-A, high percentage of AHA-BHA products for 5-7 days. 

Consult with your physician if these treatments are right for you if you are lactating, pregnant or may be pregnant. 


SAL REFRESH - This antioxidant and pepti-loaded treatment is perfect for acne-prone resistance or pigmented skin. 

MYSTQIE BRITE- This peel has a combination of Mastiha, Vit C and a mix of mandelic acid that will intensely lighten, tighten and hydrate your skin. Great intro peel! 


PUMPKIN REFRESH - This uniquely formulated pumpkin enzymes are infused with retinol while super-rich pomegranate and mango antioxidants fight free radical invasion. The versatile pulp delivery system found in this treatment makes it ideal for any skin type. 


BRIGHTENING LACTIC - Brightening and hydrating treatment that will even out your skin tone by correcting the pigmented and sun damaged skin. 

GREEN POWER -  A safe, natural alternative to Micro Needling that will tighten and diminish fine lines and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and acne scars.


Mineral Jessner - This treatment addresses various skin conditions including acne, photo-damage, and aging while stimulating collagen and elastin.